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Self-Paced Online Seminar: Delivering Successful Projects ...Every Time (20 Technical (PM) PDUs)


Although many successful project management practitioners are “accidental project managers,” successful projects should not be “accidental.” Research studies have identified the reasons for project failure and reasons for project success. By utilizing major contributors to project success and avoiding the leading causes of project failure, project success should be predictable and repeatable, instead of a hit-and-miss occurrence.

This seminar describes a recommended approach to ensure consistent delivery of successful projects by focusing on major contributors to project success, including requirements management processes, formal (agile and/or traditional) project management methodology and standardized tools and infrastructure, and executive management support.

Requirements management is an essential part of the standard for project management. Executive management support can make or break a project! While Agile Project Management processes are being introduced to replace many traditional project management processes resulting in great improvements in project success rates, formal project development/management methodology, and standardized tools and infrastructure continue to help make successful project delivery a repeatable process. These critical success factors, when implemented and achieved in collaboration with stakeholders, can lead to consistent delivery of successful projects.

This seminar has previously been offered by PMI SeminarsWorld and at PMI Global Congress.

Earn 20 Technical (PM) PDUs for reading and reviewing course materials on consistent delivery of successful projects. Upon completion of the seminar, submit your answers to a short quiz (15 multiple-choice questions) and 20 PDUs will be reported in PMI's CCRS for you. You will then receive a Certificate of Completion and an email from PMI that 20 PDUs have been reported for you.

If you have any questions, please email the seminar leader, Victoria Kumar, PMP at



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