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Self-Paced Online Seminar: Effective Requirements Management (20 Technical (PM) PDUs)


Why do projects fail? Research studies have identified poor requirements management processes (or lack thereof) as a leading cause of project failure. Effective (structured) requirements management processes address many project development/management issues.

In both traditional and agile project development, requirements are important considerations in the project life cycle. Successful projects are highly dependent on well-defined and well-understood requirements.

Implementing requirements management processes, in collaboration with stakeholders, can greatly improve project success rates, leading to consistent delivery of successful projects and improved organizational performance.

The seminar focuses on utilizing requirements management in improving organizational project success rates. It covers effective implementation of requirement processes in any industry, in the public or the private sector, including the tools, techniques and processes discussed in the featured article: “Setting the Course: Requirements Analysis Guides Project Success” shown on the front cover of the October 2013 issue of PM Network.

This seminar has previously been offered for PMI SeminarsWorld and at PMI Global Congress.


Earn 20 Technical (PM) PDUs for reading and reviewing course materials Requirements Management processes, tools and techniques. Upon completion of the seminar (within six months from registration date), submit your answers to a short quiz (15 multiple-choice questions) and 20 PDUs will be reported in PMI's CCRS for you. You will then receive a Certificate of Completion and an email from PMI that 20 PDUs have been reported for you.

Course objectives:

1. Identify the major causes for project failures and learn how Requirements Management can contribute to  project success

2. Identify the elements of Effective Requirements Management

3. Describe the project management process: Collect Requirements

4. Discuss implementing Requirements Management effectively to improve project success rates in traditional  and in agile project development

5. Apply tools and techniques for Requirements Management suitable for your workplace

6. Learn to improve organizational performance through effective Requirements Management


Who should attend?

1. Project Managers, Project Leaders and Business Analysts who have responsibility to lead and/or manage  projects and/or develop Requirements Definition, Functional Requirements, Business Process  Requirements, or the Requirements Section for a Request for Proposal (RFP).

2. Program Management Office (PMO) Managers/Directors interested in developing standard Requirements  Management processes for their organization.

3. PM Consultants interested in understanding the benefits and challenges in implementing Requirements  Management processes and in learning how Requirements Management processes can impact customer  satisfaction, project performance and the organizational performance.

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